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Pararajasekaram v. Canada

Case Name:

Partheepan Pararajasekaram v. Canada
(Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)
Between Partheepan Pararajasekaram, applicant and, The Solicitor General of Canada, respondent

Date: 20060104
Docket: IMM-10587-04

Federal Court
Toronto, Ontario


Max Berger, for the applicant.
Jamie Todd, for the respondent.


UPON A MOTION on behalf of the Applicant for a stay of execution of the Removal Order in respect of the Applicant;

AND UPON reading the material before the Court and hearing counsel for the parties;

AND UPON counsel for the Respondent informing the Court that the Respondent has announced a moratorium on deportations to Sri Lanka because of the natural disaster;

AND UPON the Court concluding that the deportation of the Applicant to the United States, where the Applicant has no legal status or family or place to live, is effectively deportation to Sri Lanka;


This motion for a stay of the execution of the Removal Order in respect of the Applicant is granted until his application for judicial review is determined.

Micheal A. Kelen


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