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Canadian Super Visa

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to apply for a super visa. A super visa allows multiple entries, is valid for 10 years and allows you to stay for 2 years in Canada without having to renew status. In your application for a super visa, you cannot include dependants. Only a spouse or common-law partner may accompany you.

In order to be eligible, you must show that your child or grandchild in Canada meets a minimum income threshold as detailed here:


Your application must also include a letter from your child or grandchild stating that he or she will provide financial support. You must have Canadian medical insurance for a minimum of one year, and must undergo an immigration medical exam. A medical exam may add several weeks to the processing time of your application.

If you are from a visa exempt country, you might still benefit from a Super Visa, as it will allow you to stay in Canada for a period of 2 years without having to renew status, as compared to the regular six month status period.

Most visitor visas are processed in a few weeks. Processing times vary according to the visa office. If you change your contact information such as address or telephone number after your application to the Canadian visa office, you must notify the visa office in your country or region.

Once you send in your application, the visa office will review it to ensure it is complete and contains all the necessary documents. A visa officer will determine whether an interview is necessary, and if so, you will be notified about the time and place.

If your application is accepted, your passport and supporting documents will be returned to you with your visa. If your application is refused, you will receive your documents back with an explanation as to why your visa was rejected.

Once you arrive in Canada, you will have to go through immigration and customs. An officer of the Canadian Border Services Agency will ask you some questions and will ask to see your passport or travel documents. The officer may also ask to see your additional supporting documents. Make sure that these are not packed in the your luggage as you may require them to facilitate your entry to Canada.

It is important to note that a valid temporary resident visa and valid travel document do not guarantee automatic entry into Canada. You may not be allowed to enter Canada if an officer finds you no longer admissible because your circumstances are now different or new information has come to light, such as false information on your visa application.

Once you have satisfied the officer that you have provided accurate and complete information, the officer will stamp your passport and let you know how long you can stay in Canada. In the case of the super visa, the period is usually two years.


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