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Refugee Claims

N.C.M (Re) Immigration and Refugee Board

U94-04870, July 19, 1996

Issue: Can someone determined to be a convention refugee in another country lose that refugee status and still be accepted as a convention refugee in Canada?

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U. (X.O) (Re) Immigration and Refugee Board

T93-09269, June 15, 1994

Issue: What are factors to be considered in assessing the refugee claim of a young child?

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E. (E.Y.) (Re) Immigration and Refugee Board

T89-05792, September 13, 1990

Issue: How does the Refugee Board analyze the cumulative effects of various agents of persecution in a refugee claim?

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M. (W.G.) (Re) Immigration and Refugee Board

T89-05868, August 15, 1990

Issue: What is the effect of a refugee claimant remaining illegally in a country which accepts refugees such as the United States prior to coming to Canada?

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