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Satnam Kaur Kathpal v. Canada

Case Name:

Satnam Kaur Kathpal v. Canada
(The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration & The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness)

Between Satnam Kaur Kathpal, applicant and, The Minister of Citizenship & Immigration and the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, respondent

Date: 20071220
Docket: IMM-5233-07
Federal Court

Ottawa, Ontario


Max Berger, for the applicant.
Neeta Logsetty, for the respondent.


UPON motion for a stay of removal heard December 19, 2007;

AND UPON considering the tripartite test and the close link between the elements of serious issue and irreparable harm, the validity of her withdrawal of her refugee claim being in issue;


the removal of the Applicant is stayed until a decision is rendered on the pending application for leave and judicial review and if leave is granted, until the determination of that judicial review.

Michael L. Phelan



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