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Immigration Services

  • Permanent Residence

    Imagine a swimming pool filled with fish of all shapes and sizes. Now imagine an immigration department fisherman coming around every few...

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    Temporary Residence

    Except in a few cases, you must apply for a study permit if you wish to study in Canada. Even if you do not require a study permit, you may...

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    Under the immigration laws of Canada, if the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has reason to believe that you should not enter...

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    Under the IRPA, CBSA may order some people to be removed from Canada. The Immigration Division can also order people to be removed...

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  • Refugees

    A PRRA is an assessment to ensure that people being removed from Canada do not face risk of persecution, torture, risk to life...

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    Business Immigration

    Most provinces and territories have signed agreements with the government of Canada that allows them to nominate business...

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About Max Berger Professional Law Corporation

About Max Berger Professional Law CorporationFor anyone seeking to immigrate to Canada choosing the right immigration law firm is a most important step. An immigration lawyer is the link between the client and the Canadian visa post overseas or the Canada Immigration office inside Canada.

The rules and regulations governing immigration to Canada are byzantine and complex. Like a captain steering his ship through stormy waters, an immigration lawyer must likewise navigate his client through the sometime stormy waters of immigration law and just like the ship captain insure that the client reaches Canada's shores quickly, safely and comfortably...

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Thousands of refugee cases suspended due to border agency delays

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Posted by on 03 October 2016

The Legacy Of “Legacy” Refugee Claims

Ever since it was created in 1989, the Immigration and Refugee Board and the refugee determination system that it administers has been a work in progress. Successive governments have tinkered with the system – reducing the number of Board Members hearing individual claims from two to one, designating so called safe countries, expediting straightforward claims and then cancelling the expedited program, etc. In December 2012 the rules of the game changed dramatically again with mandatory…

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