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The Toronto Star – March 27, 1995 BY PHINJO GOMBU STAFF REPORTER The detention of a teenage refugee claimant because he carried a false passport and didn’t immediately reveal his identity is “cruel and barbaric” punishment, his lawyer claims. “I’m not aware of another case where a minor has been detained in such a manner,” lawyer Max Berger said about his 13-year- old client, Umer Hussain, who arrived from Pakistan on Jan. 28. Umer, who is being held at the Celebrity Inn, an immigration detention centre on Airport Rd., with a 22-year-old friend, Nadeem Zafar, said Friday he was confused, frightened and wanted to be let go. The two initially claimed to be brothers, but were put in custody by airport immigration officials who were suspicious of their motives in visiting Canada. Umer’s parents and brothers and sisters remain in Pakistan. When a relative of Zafar’s posted their bonds, the two…

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