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The Toronto Star – Friday, December 27, 1996 By Tanya Talaga, Staff Reporter Sri Lankan man say he’ll die if son is left behind A 58-year-old father ordered deported from Canada says he will die if he is forced to leave his son behind. Thillaiampalam Kanthasamy is a Sri Lankan refugee who has been here for seven years. A Tamil police constable back home, Kanthasamy fled to Canada after being chased out of his house by armed militants in Kankesanturai, northern Sri Lanka. He was forced to leave his wife Annadevi, 49, and two daughters Ranjani, 19, and Koneswary, 16. A gas attendant is Downsview, Kanthasamy has been ordered deported by Canadian immigration authorities. But his 13-year-old son, Thushyanthan, is allowed to stay. “If I am taken away I’d have to commit suicide – there is no other way,” said a weeping Kanthasamy, his calloused hands holding his face. On Oct.…

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