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THE TORONTO STAR, May 7, 1995 BY PHINJO GOMBU STAFF REPORTER An immigration adjudicator has ordered the continued detention of a 13-year-old Pakistani refugee claimant who has spent more than two months in custody – because the boy has no reliable guarantors here. “I don’t hold you fully responsible because you are only 13,” William Willoughby told a downcast Umer Hussain. “I have some sympathy but I find I am unable to order your release. “The problem is that every adult who has come forward has demonstrated unreliability,” Willoughby said, adding he didn’t think the boy would show up for a future hearing. Umer is being held at the Celebrity Inn, a detention facility on Airport Rd., with a 22-year-old friend, Nadeem Zafar. Umer arrived in Canada on Jan. 28 with a false passport. The two, who at first claimed to be brothers, were arrested and then released Feb. 15…

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