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Embassy Magazine May 25, 2011 Anca Gurzu In the days after the May 2 federal election, the buzz around Jason Kenney was that the man credited with securing the Conservatives’ new majority government would receive a huge promotion. Some had even touted him as Canada’s next foreign affairs minister. But on May 18, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Mr. Kenney would remain minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism. While this may have prompted disappointment, experts say the energetic and sometimes controversial Mr. Kenney is the right person to keep the increasingly important immigration portfolio high on the government agenda. Active minister For the past five years, Mr. Kenney’s primary mission was to capture traditionally-Liberal voters from key diaspora communities across the country. This effort continued even after he was appointed immigration minister in October 2008. Details of Mr. Kenney’s strategy became a big point of controversy when NDP MP…

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