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Forever barred from Canada

Law forbids immigrants from sponsoring children, spouses left off initial application The Globe and Mail – October 24, 2005 BY MARINA JIMÉNEZ When Nguyen Van Hai fled Vietnam, he cried for the baby boy he was forced to leave behind. Poverty and the chaos of civil war had separated him and his girlfriend, who had sole custody of young Chien. In 1987, Mr. Hai escaped to a refugee camp in Hong Kong with his mother and three siblings. He married another woman before being accepted three years later on Sept. 5, 1990, to come to Canada, part of the massive influx of Vietnamese boat people who arrived in those tumultuous years. On his application form, Mr. Hai made a crucial decision that would come back to haunt him. He did not declare his out-of-wedlock son, afraid it would jeopardize his family’s chance of being accepted as immigrants — and fearing to…

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