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National Post, December 29, 2009 Son’s disability trumps woman’s false claim. Kenyon Wallace, National Post The Federal Court of Canada has allowed a woman who became a permanent resident by lying about her identity to remain in Canada, saying her severely disabled son would be unable to receive the medical care he needs if she were deported to the Philippines. The decision, posted this week on the Federal Court of Canada’s website, has raised questions about the extent to which humanitarian and compassionate grounds should trump fraudulent misrepresentation in cases where deportation might result in undeserved or disproportionate hardship. The case began in January 1999, when Maria Canlas and her two daughters arrived in Vancouver from the Philippines. Ms. Canlas was able to obtain permanent resident status for herself and her daughters by using fake birth certificates and claiming she was married to a man named Alberto Pangilinan, which was…

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