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The Toronto Star – Tuesday, January 27, 1998 BY PETER KRIVEL STAFF REPORTER STILL TOGETHER: Thanks to a Federal Court ruling, Thilliampalam Kanthasami, 58, will be allowed to stay in Canada with his son, Thushyanthan, 14, who had earlier been granted refugee status. A Sri Lankan man has been allowed to remain in Canada with his son after the Federal Court asked the immigration department to reassess his case. The decision means that 58-year-old Thilliampalam Kanthasami of Downsview will be allowed to stay here with his 14-year old son, Thushyanthan, who had earlier been granted refugee status. “I feel very good and I’m happy,” Kanthasami said last night. “I’ll be a good person and I can live with my son. And now I’ll try to get the rest of my family here.” Kanthasami, a former police officer, arrived in Canada in 1990 and made a refugee claim that was denied. After…

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