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The Toronto Star – Friday, September 26, 1997 BY REBECCA BRAGG STAFF REPORTER New Hope: Thillaiampalam Kanthasamy seeks permanent residency. Federal court has set aside an immigration department decision to deny a Sri Lankan man Canadian residency on humanitarian grounds, citing “perverse” judgment by the officer in charge of his case. The unusual ruling, handed down in Ottawa Sept. 15 by Mr. Justice Frederick Gibson, doesn’t mean for certain Thillaiampalam Kanthasamy of Downsview can stay in Canada with his son, Thushyanthan, 14. But it does open up a new avenue of hope for the father of three, who has not seen his wife and two daughters since he left Sri Lanka in 1990. Gibson was sharply critical of the immigration officer – Mississauga-based Denise de Costa – who handled Kanthasamy’s application to stay in Canada. Her decision was “either, on its face, perverse, or there were facts before the officer…

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