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The Toronto Star – Friday, September 26, 1997 BY REBECCA BRAGG STAFF REPORTER

New Hope: Thillaiampalam Kanthasamy seeks permanent residency.

Federal court has set aside an immigration department decision to deny a Sri Lankan man Canadian residency on humanitarian grounds, citing “perverse” judgment by the officer in charge of his case.

The unusual ruling, handed down in Ottawa Sept. 15 by Mr. Justice Frederick Gibson, doesn’t mean for certain Thillaiampalam Kanthasamy of Downsview can stay in Canada with his son, Thushyanthan, 14.

But it does open up a new avenue of hope for the father of three, who has not seen his wife and two daughters since he left Sri Lanka in 1990.

Gibson was sharply critical of the immigration officer – Mississauga-based Denise de Costa – who handled Kanthasamy’s application to stay in Canada.

Her decision was “either, on its face, perverse, or there were facts before the officer which manifestly required a different result,” Gibson...

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The Toronto Star – Friday, December 27, 1996 By Tanya Talaga, Staff Reporter

Sri Lankan man say he’ll die if son is left behind

A 58-year-old father ordered deported from Canada says he will die if he is forced to leave his son behind.

Thillaiampalam Kanthasamy is a Sri Lankan refugee who has been here for seven years.

A Tamil police constable back home, Kanthasamy fled to Canada after being chased out of his house by armed militants in Kankesanturai, northern Sri Lanka.

He was forced to leave his wife Annadevi, 49, and two daughters Ranjani, 19, and Koneswary, 16.

A gas attendant is Downsview, Kanthasamy has been ordered deported by Canadian immigration authorities.

But his 13-year-old son, Thushyanthan, is allowed to stay.

“If I am taken away I’d have to commit suicide – there is no other way,” said a weeping Kanthasamy, his calloused hands holding his face.

On Oct. 30, an immigration officer sent Kanthasamy a letter saying after...

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An immigration adjudicator has ordered the continued detention of a 13-year-old Pakistani refugee claimant who has spent more than two months in custody – because the boy has no reliable guarantors here.

“I don’t hold you fully responsible because you are only 13,” William Willoughby told a downcast Umer Hussain. “I have some sympathy but I find I am unable to order your release.

“The problem is that every adult who has come forward has demonstrated unreliability,” Willoughby said, adding he didn’t think the boy would show up for a future hearing.

Umer is being held at the Celebrity Inn, a detention facility on Airport Rd., with a 22-year-old friend, Nadeem Zafar. Umer arrived in Canada on Jan. 28 with a false passport.

The two, who at first claimed to be brothers, were arrested and then released Feb. 15 when a relative of Zafar posted...

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The Toronto Star – March 27, 1995 BY PHINJO GOMBU STAFF REPORTER

The detention of a teenage refugee claimant because he carried a false passport and didn’t immediately reveal his identity is “cruel and barbaric” punishment, his lawyer claims.

“I’m not aware of another case where a minor has been detained in such a manner,” lawyer Max Berger said about his 13-year- old client, Umer Hussain, who arrived from Pakistan on Jan. 28.

Umer, who is being held at the Celebrity Inn, an immigration detention centre on Airport Rd., with a 22-year-old friend, Nadeem Zafar, said Friday he was confused, frightened and wanted to be let go.

The two initially claimed to be brothers, but were put in custody by airport immigration officials who were suspicious of their motives in visiting Canada. Umer’s parents and brothers and sisters remain in Pakistan.

When a relative of Zafar’s posted their bonds, the two were released on Feb. 17, and...

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HOME NEWS Sunday, November 13, 1994, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The present government seems genuinely interested in solving the Tamil ethnic problem. LTTE should reciprocate and manifest their bona fide to achieve peace, urged Max Berger, well-known immigration lawyer in Canada in an after-dinner speech at the Federation of Association of Canadian Tamils held at the Oriole Community Central Hall, in Scarborough, Toronto, recently.

The dinner was accorded to host MPs Doug Peters, Derek Lee, Sarkis Assadourian and John Canis.

Canadian Minister of Defence, David Collenette, sent a goodwill message on the occasion which was read by Secretary of the Association. A. Vaikunthavasan, a lawyer, speaking on this occasion pointed out that the Tamil youths took to arms, only after the efforts of the conventional politicians to get the Sinhala majoritarian governments to honour agreements reached from time to time between the Tamil leaders and governments proved futile. He said: This impasse still continues.


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